Updated September 9, 2017

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions posed by many IDPA MD's and competitors in the Michigan Area.

How does one renew their SO designated status?

  • When your SO expiration date nears, you will renew your SO status by taking an on-line test.   You should receive an email reminder from IDPA HQ (so make sure your email is up to date on the IDPA web site).  The test can be found at www.idpa.com/misc.  You can take the test up to 6 months before its expiration and 90 days after.  If more than 90 days have passed since your expiration, you must retake the class.  If you pass the on-line test, keep a copy of the certificate that you will receive.  If your credential is not automatically renewed, then contact me (Mike Barrera) with your certificate (proof of passing the test), and I will work with HQ to get your SO status updated​.

How does one renew (are get designated) CSO status?

  • Many of you have noticed that the designation of IDPA Chief Safety Officer (CSO) was eliminated from the profiles of all members in February.  In the future IDPA will make the CSO designation a combination of experience AND an exam, but until we can get to a point where the population of exam results can automatically update the member profile, we will rely on experience of the member and approval from the Match Directors (MDs) and Area Coordinators (ACs) or International Points of Contact  (IPOCs).

    There is a new process is being implemented for attaining the designation of CSO for sanctioned matches.


  • Members meeting the requirements listed in the 2017 rule book/match admin guide (M-13.3 & M-13.4) can submit an application to their local MD who may sign off and forward to the AC or IPOC.  The AC or IPOC will approve or deny the request, then forward the application to IDPA Headquarters.  HQ will add the designation of CSO for sanctioned matches Tiers 2-5 to the member profile.  As always, no CSO designation is required for Tier 1 matches.

  • A future separate testing for CSOs will be initiated after 2017.  Based on beta testing in 2015, this system will work well in identifying appropriate candidates or areas of opportunity for the applicant. 

  • Submitted updates will take ~5 business days, and maybe a little longer in the next few weeks as the process gets rolling.

          CSO requirements and qualifications

  • SOs designated as Chief SOs in Tier 3 and above sanctioned matches meet the following qualifications:

  1. Have applied for and successfully completed the CSO approval process
  2. Have been certified as an IDPA SO for a minimum of two years.
  3. Have previously served as a Certified SO in at least two sanctioned IDPA matches and participated as a competitor in at least one additional sanctioned match, in the previous three years. OR,  Served as a Certified SO in at least three sanctioned IDPA matches in the previous three years.

         CSO Application

Some notes about Universal Semi-Automatic Classification.

  • As of 2017, when one classifies by shooting the Classifier in any semi-automatic pistol division, it is applied to all other
    semi-automatic pistol divisions. For example, if an SSP shooter receives an Expert classification, they are then also
    classified as Expert in CCP, ESP, and CDP.  This apples only to classifiers shot starting in January, 2017.

  • NEW Clarification from IDPA HQ (June 20, 2017)
  • 9.2.2 A Match Performance Promotion in the last twelve months in a division counts as shooting the Classifier in the division they are promoted to.
    The match promotion only counts as a classifier for the division that you shoot. It does not count as Universal.

​​          (Robert Ray)


CSO Application

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