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Match Information


More information at: https://www.tcslidpa.org//2020-tcsc

  • Tier 2 IDPA Match
  • September 11-13, 2020
  • ​Registration on Practiscore
  • This match will consist of 10 challenging stages
  • Competitors will complete the match in a single day
  • On Friday and Saturday, shooting will start at 10:00am EDT. Competitors will shoot until we break for lunch around noon, before finishing the Match in the afternoon
  • On Sunday, shooting will start at 12:00PM EDT. Competitors will shoot straight through and finish the Match in the late afternoon.
  • We are able to host 90 shooters on Saturday and Sunday. 
  • You will be squadding yourselves during registration, all squad changes the day of the match will need to be approved by match staff.
  • Registration fee is $95. This includes a Tee Shirt & either lunch on the range on Saturday or Breakfast in the clubhouse on Sunday
  • Registration starts April 1 and closes August 28, 2020
  • No division changes after August 28, classifications changes as neccesarry.
  • Divisions: CDP, SSP, ESP CCP, REV, CO, all classifications. Please note that PCC will not be available at this match.
  • Must be a member of IDPA with a current classification. No exceptions.
  • It is the shooters responsibilty to make sure IDPA membership and classification are up to date.
  • There will be an equipment check.
  • Staff will shoot on Friday, September 11
  • Payment is required at time of registration. Unpaid entries will not be processed.
  • AFTER the match, the TCSL clubhouse bar will be open for all.
  • Follow us on Facebook for match updates and more info
  • Equipment check and Sign in starts at 8:15 AM on Friday and Saturday, 10:15 AM on Sunday
  • Shooters meeting starts at 9:45 AM on Friday and Saturday, 11:45 AM on Sunday
  • Shooting starts at 10:00AM on Friday and Saturday, 12:00 PM on Sunday
  • When you arrive in the morning, proceed to the IDPA range and please get geared up (empty firearm, holster, vest and one empty magizine) and go through equipment check prior to signing in. There will be a safe area near entrance to use for gearing up. We operate a COLD RANGE for both competitors and guests, loaded firearms are prohibited unless actively shooting a stage. Once you have completed sign in, go to pistol range for safety briefing and start of match.​
  • Michigan weather is beautiful this time of the year, though conditions in late September could be warm or cool.  Be sure to dress for the weather, It could be hot, cold, rainy, sunny - or all of the above!


Located at:

  • Tri-County Sportsmen's League
  • ​8640 Moon Road, Saline, Michigan


MD Earl Austin - eraustin3@hotmail.com

or contact: tcscidpa@gmail.com

2020 Tri-County Sportsmen Challenge - sponsored by Leapers