• 2nd Saturdays (April-October)​
  • Start Times are 9:00 am, 11:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00 pm
  • ​Pistol Caliber Carbine is NOT allowed

Match Registration

  • Information on how to register can be found on the LCSA website:
  • ​Registration opens for next month's match at midnight on the same day of the previous month's match.
  • ​E.g. Registration for May 13 match will open on April 9, Sunday, at 12:01am.
  • Note - Registration for the April 8 match will start on March 5, at 12:01am.
  • ​All subsequent matches will register in the same manner.
  • ONLY emails received after 12:01am will be taken. 
  • Walk-ons are welcome, but no guarantee of getting into match.

  • REGISTRATION FORM: Fill out info, select start time. One start time per form. 
  • Website will send you a reply that your registration has been received. This is NOT confirmation into match. 
  • Dave Johnson will send you an email confirming your placement in match. If you do not receive an email from him, you are not in match. 
  • As start times fill up, he will post on line. 
  • When match is full, he will start a wait-list. He will pull names off wait-list as cancellations come in until Friday night before match. 
  • Last year I received as many as 100 emails by 12:10am, so some start times fill very fast. 
  • If for some reason, your computer and our computer decide they don’t like each other, email Dave Johnson directly. 
  • Any questions, please ask.

  • If you make a reservation, you are expected to show up. Our club and all the other clubs put a lot of time and effort into preparing for the matches and we do shoot rain or shine. 
  • NEW SHOOTERS, please sign up for the 3pm line. This way, the Safety Officers can spend more time with you on the firing line.


  • Dave Johnson (248) 986-8619 (
  • ​John Fillion (


  • Livingston Conservation and Sports association (LCSA)
  • 8532 McClements Rd
  • Brighton, MI 48114


Match Fees

  • Members, $10 first run, $5 second run. 
  • Non-members, $20 first run, $10 second run. 
  • L.E. & Military, $10 first run, $5 second run.

Match Description

  • 5 stages and shoot house. 
  • Five shooters per squad.
  • Safety briefing 5 minutes before start, you must attend.

Intro to IDPA Class

  • Intro To IDPA class in intended for new shooter interested in participating in the International Defensive Pistol Association Sport.
  • This is NOT at tactical training class.
  • Class is about 8 hours long. Four hours in class room covering rules, safety and equipment and Three hours on the range shooting the basic technics for matches. 
  • Class usually runs on a Saturday, 8am till about 4pm -- and starts at 8am sharp - so come early and get signed before class starts,
  • $20 pay at door. Please read the rules at
  • Lunch, brown bag or fast food in Brighton. 
  • Equipment, you’ll need a gun that works, holster, mag pouch, 2-3 mags, 75 rds (factory or reloads), NO tracers, magnum or AP rds. Basic calibers are 9mm-45acp. If you only have something smaller or larger, send Dave Johnson an email and we’ll work with you. 
  • Dave will send you a conformation email confirming your placement in class. 
  • Class size limited. 
  • If you make a reservation, you are expected to show up, we shoot rain or shine. 
  • Any questions, please ask Dave.


Livingston Conservation and Sports Association (LCSA) - C0329

Michigan Area